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10 Year Anniversary

So around this time 10 years ago I was just starting out on the self employment route.... I was so scared, I had always been employed so didn't have the first clue how to run a business..... sometimes now I still feel like it's all divine intervention. I honestly feel that what I offer is divinely guided and this is all part of my journey here on earth..... At times I am totally outside of my comfort zone...... I am a caring person but I am not a business woman. How would I describe myself..... passionate, caring, supportive and I genuinely genuinely care about everyone that I meet..... do I go above and beyond .... ABSOLUTELY.... would I change it? Absolutely no. I really feel women & families need more than what is on offer and even more than what I can provide. The Journey to motherhood and the first few years is the most precious in anyone's life and we all have different levels off support available. I won't sugar coat self employment and tell you all it's easy.... it absolutely isn't but then neither is life or labour..... with the correct toolbox though everything is achievable ..... we can't stop the waves but we can learn how to surf...... in 2024 I turn 45 so will I still be doing this in 10 years..... I honestly don't know...... I am Just taking it one month or two at a time and see where it goes however I do know one thing is for certain..... I would never have made it to 10 years without the support of my amazing husband Gerald, my mother, Shane and Claire in Elysium Wellness centre and all my amazing clients over the last 10 years and to everyone who voted for me as Antenatal Teacher of the year in 2017 at the wonderful Mama Awards. I am truly grateful from The bottom of my heart.

Roll on 2024 and all of the surprises it will bring. 💕

Love always


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